Life Insurance

Life Insurance Basics
Why should I buy life insurance? Article
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How much life insurance do I need? Article
What are the principal types of life insurance? Article
How is life insurance sold? Article
What is a beneficiary? Article
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Types of Life Insurance
What are the different types of term life insurance policies? Article
What are the different types of permanent life insurance policies? Article
Why should I purchase permanent insurance? Article
What is “burial insurance”? Article
Buying and Saving Money
How to Choose the Right Type of Life Insurance Article
How do I pick a life insurance company? Article
How to Assess the Financial Strength of an Insurance Company Article
How should I choose a life insurance agent? Article
How To Save Money On Life Insurance Article
You can save money on life insurance, but buying the wrong benefits for a low premium is a waste, not a savings.
Other Life Insurance Questions
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Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Article
There are five major reasons your life insurance benefits might go unclaimed.
Backgrounders and Research
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